Dr. Yvonne Buckley

Dr. Yvonne Buckley

November 2004-present

Australian Research Fellow (2007-2011) & Senior Lecturer, School of Biological Sciences, The University of Queensland, joint appointee CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems.

My research generates and uses ecological theory and synthesis to make decisions about the management of processes which threaten ecosystem function and biodiversity. In particular I work on the population dynamics, evolution and herbivore interactions of invasive plants. I have used a wide range of approaches to tackle these problems, from the development of simple, relatively abstract models, through to system specific simulation models, experiments and observational studies. I develop models to address applied problems and provide practical solutions.

I collaborate with a wide international group of people from Universities, CSIRO, state government research organisations and regional natural resource management groups. Current projects include: population dynamics, spread and management of invasive shrubs and trees, dynamics and management of invasive grasses, experimental and theoretical evaluation of biocontrol programmes, population genetics of an insect pest, reconstruction of invasion history of Scotch broom and European gorse and causes and consequences of invasive plant alteration of ecosystem processes.

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