Keppel et. al. & Firn et. al. publications

Keppel, G.; Buckley, Y.M. & Possingham, H.P. (2010).

Drivers of lowland rain forest community composition, diversity and structure on islands in the tropical South Pacific.

Journal of Ecology 98:87-95.


The Pacific Ocean is dotted with small groups of islands of different sizes, degrees of isolation from larger landmasses and susceptibility to cyclones. We show that the diversity and uniqueness of tree species in the tropical lowland rainforests  of these islands can be predicted by island age, size and isolation.  The frequency of cyclones affects the structure of the forests, with a higher frequency of cyclones leading to higher density of trees per hectare. Cyclone frequency  and  island  age, size and isolation are all related to the type of species found in these island rainforests.  This implies that changes in cyclone frequency, believed to be one of the likely effects of climate change, will affect the structure and species composition of tropical rainforests in the Pacific.

Firn, J.; House, A.P.N & Buckley, Y.M. (2010).

Alternative states models provide an effective framework for invasive species control and restoration of native communities.

Journal of Applied Ecology 47: 96-105


In this paper, we confront a fundamental assumption that the ecological mechanism promoting invasion (e.g. disturbance) should be targeted to control an invader. To do this, we use a carefully constructed experimental approach that combines theory from community, restoration, and rangeland ecology. We show that control strategies based on traditional models of succession (i.e. remove a disturbance and kill the invader), are not always the most effective because the characteristics of the ecosystem have likely changed. Instead, we found that the most effective approach was one which explicitly designs control strategies based on the novel characteristics of the invader-dominated ecosystems—alternative state models.


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