Brisbane Flood Update

Brisbane was hit with a major flood event last week which saw many of our friends, family & colleagues lose possessions and, in some cases, their homes. There is now a huge flood recovery and clean up effort underway with an army of volunteers out on the streets helping whoever needs it. The piles of debris and rubbish are being cleared and the mud is slowly being cleaned away. Thousands of people will need continuing financial assistance so if you can help, please donate.

We have now returned to work and luckily are relatively unaffected. The School of Biological Sciences will be functioning normally from Thursday 20 Jan and the CSIRO Ecosciences Precinct is functioning normally from Monday 17 Jan. A big thank you to the volunteers who worked so hard from dawn to dusk all weekend to get our city back on track. See this link for photos of the University of Queensland campus at the height of the flooding.


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