Postdoctoral Fellowships with CEED

Post-doctoral research fellowships will be available within the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions (CEED). Each university will advertise these positions early in 2011. Positions will be for three years in most cases. Salaries will be >AU$65,000 p.a. and offer 17% superannuation

We encourage possible applicants to send their CV to Karen Gillow ( and identify the node(s) where they would be interested in being based and their research interests. We will ensure that these people will be notified when the positions are advertised.

Web site:

Research contacts:              Professor Hugh Possingham (Director),

Dr Michael McCarthy (Deputy Director),

Admin contact:                    Ms Karen Gillow (Centre Manager – Acting),

CEED: Despite facing the sixth global mass extinction of species, most conservation management is unevaluated and inefficient. CEED will provide international research leadership in tackling the complex problems of environmental management and monitoring in an uncertain world. Working through six Australian and six international organisations, the Centre will forge new approaches and tools from ecology, mathematics, statistics, economics and the social sciences. It will lead the world in developing and delivering predictive models and decision-making approaches to improve outcomes in conservation management, habitat restoration, spatial planning and threat adaptation under a changing climate. Research topics of Centre Fellows will be determined based on the interests and expertise of the post-doctoral fellow and the research agenda of CEED. Centre Fellows within CEED are expected to collaborate across multiple research nodes. Funding is available to support travel between nodes

Research process

The research program integrates several sciences: mathematics, statistics, ecology, economics and other social sciences. CEED will tackle the key gaps in environmental decision-making, monitoring and adaptive management through an integrated research program.  Some areas of interest include: spatial planning for landscape restoration and management, biodiversity decisions in dynamic systems, rapidly-transforming landscapes, optimal management of multiple threats and species, decision-making tools for complex environmental problems, optimal monitoring and evaluation, biodiversity scenarios and forecasting and many more.  Research will involve empirical work, analysis, synthesis, modelling and numerous workshops.  Much of CEED’s research will be conducted collaboratively.  Centre Fellows will be supervised and collaborate across more than one node.

Chief Investigators (Australia):

  • University of Queensland:
    • Dr Yvonne Buckley
    • Dr Eve McDonald-Madden
    • Prof Hugh Possingham (Director)
    • Dr Jonathan Rhodes
    • Dr Anthony Richardson
    • Dr Kerrie Wilson (node leader)
  • University of Western Australia:
    • Prof Richard Hobbs
    • Prof David Pannell (node leader)
  • University of Melbourne:
    • Dr Michael Bode
    • Dr Mick McCarthy (Deputy Director)
    • Dr Peter Vesk,
    • Dr Brendan Wintle (node leader)
  • Australian National University:
    • Prof David Lindenmayer (node leader)
  • RMIT University Melbourne:
    • Dr Sarah Bekessy

Partner Investigators (Australia & International):

Dr Tara Martin (CSIRO); Dr Martin Drechsler (UFZ, Germany); Dr Salit Kark (Hebrew Uni of Jerusalem, Israel);   Dr Andrew Knight (Stellenbosch Uni, South Africa); Dr E.J. Milner-Gulland (Imperial College, UK); Prof Atte Moilanen (Uni of Helsinki, Finland); Dr Jim Nichols (US Geological Survey, USA)

International Scientific Advisory Panel (ISAP)

Professor Peter Kareiva (TNC, Chief Scientist & Director of Science); Professor Claire Kremen (Uni of California, Berkeley); Professor Gene Likens FNAS (Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, NY); Professor William (Bill) Murdoch FNAS (U California Santa Barbara); Professor William (Bill) Sutherland (University of Cambridge).


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