About us

The Buckley Plant Ecology Lab are a group of post-doctoral fellows, research visitors and students (PhD and undergraduate) working with or under the supervision of Associate Professor Yvonne Buckley. Yvonne works jointly with the Environmental Decisions Group (EDG) (at the University of Queensland) and CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems. Yvonne is a chief investigator in the ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions (CEED) and the NERP Environmental Decisions Hub.

Dr. Yvonne Buckley working in Canterbury, NZ

Our current lab members are researching better management decisions for conservation and restoration of biodiversity, more sustainable productive landscapes and amelioration of the impacts of invasive species. As a group we aim to better understand the fundamental ecology behind species invasions, plant population dynamics, dispersal and landscape connectivity in order to recommend scientifically sound management decisions. Our key research themes include:

  1. Management of invasions
  2. Restoration ecology
  3. Population ecology
  4. Seed dispersal

The latest Buckley lab publications and group news can be found under “news and events”.