The importance of natural capital stocks

By: Fleur Maseyk

Management of natural capital stocks is crucial for the provision of ecosystem services

View the PDF version here: Management of natural capital stocks is crucial for the provision of ecosystem services

The ecosystem services concept promised a new paradigm for resource management but uptake has been disappointing slow.  This failure to translate the conceptual into practical application has transpired because the literature confuses, obscures or simply lacks pathways for doing so.

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Invasive species spaghetti for dinner? A network of species interactions for managing invasive cats and rats on Christmas Island

By Yi Han


Photo: Dion Maple


Invasive cats and rats threaten native species on Christmas Island through predation and indirect changes in ecosystem processes. Management programs have been proposed to eradicate cats and possibly rats. Before an eradication program can commence, however we need to answer a number of key questions. What is the management goal? What are the alternative management strategies? What are the risks and benefits of these management strategies?

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Oikos Editor’s Choice September

Oikos Blog

DriesFor the September issues, we chose the forum paper of Caplat et al. as editor’s choice. The paper arose from a special symposium at the 2011 ESA meeting in Austin, and synthesizes how insights from invasion ecology can help us understanding species responses to climate change. The paper does not aim to provide a systematic review or meta-analysis of the literature, but instead focusses on the useful concepts and insights generated from invasion processes relevant to climate change ecology of plants. The authors particularly focus on processes related to movement and especially the settlement phase and the expected impacts of altered species distributions on recipient ecosystems. While Oikos does not have a special focus on applied ecological research, we do stimulate the translation of fundamental insights into a global change or societal context. This appears especially important in the context of species management, both with respect to conservation and…

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New Oikos article about plant movement & invasions

Yvonne and Paul Caplat et al. published a Forum paper on Oikos on the “Movement, impacts and management of plant distributions in response to climate change: insights from invasions” to synthesis the discussion of the ESA-meeting 2011.

A brief summary of the paper can be found on the Oikos journal blog:

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EcoStats Symposium 11-12 July 2013

Author: Kristylee Marr and Yvonne Buckley

Honours student Kristylee Marr and Yvonne attended the EcoStats Symposium at the University of New South Wales on 11-12 July 2013 ( . This event was organised by ecologist and statistician David Warton ( discuss current issues and future directions at the ecology-statistics interface.

There was a strong species distribution modelling flavour to the first day. There is a huge demand from ecologists for methods for building niche/distribution models using widely available but problematic presence-only data.  This has led to philosophical differences in the field, alternative methodologies and numerous commentaries and as one speaker put it “much heat and little light”. Continue reading