Past Students

 Alice Yeates

PhD Student (Supervision)



Megan Ward

PhD Student (Associate Supervision)

Dr. Adam Dinsdale

PhD Student



Dr. John Dwyer

PhD Student (Current position: Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Queensland)



Dr. Nikki Sims-Chilton

PhD Student

Nikki Sims-Chilton

Dr. Gunnar Keppel

PhD Student

Yi Han

Masters Student (Current position: PhD Student in the Buckley Lab, UQ)


Yi Han

Blaise Dhont

Masters Student


Melodina Fabillo

Masters Student

Shaoyu Cen

Masters Student

Natalie Kerr

Honours Student, 2011-2012 (Current position: Internship, Harvard Forest)

VLUU L110, M110  / Samsung L110, M110

Jessica Schoeman

Honours Student

Jessica Cooke

Summer Research Scholarship Student, 2012-13 (Supervision)

rainforestI have just completed my second year in the Bachelor of Environmental Science (Ecology) Program at the University of Queensland and am currently working as a Summer Research Scholarship student under the Supervision of Yvonne Buckley and co-supervision of Shaun Coutts. My project concerned examining whether dimorphic seed production strategies in conjunction with seed production numbers achieve more effective dispersal patterns over unimorphic seed production approaches in related species.

Alanna Main (Undergraduate)

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