Invasive species spaghetti for dinner? A network of species interactions for managing invasive cats and rats on Christmas Island

By Yi Han


Photo: Dion Maple


Invasive cats and rats threaten native species on Christmas Island through predation and indirect changes in ecosystem processes. Management programs have been proposed to eradicate cats and possibly rats. Before an eradication program can commence, however we need to answer a number of key questions. What is the management goal? What are the alternative management strategies? What are the risks and benefits of these management strategies?

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2013 Winter School Seminar, University of Queensland

Yvonne recently gave a talk at the 2013 Winter School in Mathematical and Computational Biology at the University of Queensland (1-5 July) on “Management of invasive species, pests and diseases: making decisions in an uncertain and complex world”.

You can download a video of the talk here

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