2013 Winter School Seminar, University of Queensland

Yvonne recently gave a talk at the 2013 Winter School in Mathematical and Computational Biology at the University of Queensland (1-5 July) on “Management of invasive species, pests and diseases: making decisions in an uncertain and complex world”.

You can download a video of the talk here http://bioinformatics.org.au/ws13/program/

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Top tips for giving talks

During the last Buckley Lab meeting, we discussed some good pointers for giving good talks in preparation for the three honours students presenting their proposal talks in late April this year. Here are some our top tips!


  • Prepare, prepare – know your content
  • Most people can remember one or two things from a talk, decide up front what the most exciting thing you have to say is, put that in the title, then set the back ground for the exciting thing in the intro, why should the audience care about the thing. Does it answer a long standing question, does it have important real world consequences?
  • Draw out an outline before making your presentation (e.g. as a flow diagram, where you plot out the transitions among components).
    Kristylee Marr working on her honours proposal talk (source: N. Kerr)

    Kristylee Marr working on her honours proposal talk (source: N. Kerr)

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